Gloccbaby Jah - The Atlanta Underground Sensation.

Gloccbaby Jah was Born In Hartford CT 2003, He started music at 15 but officially began recording at 17. His upbringing wasn’t easy due to mental and physical abuse in his home. His mother was the stay at home mom that did her best to provide for the entire family. Jah was Taken away at a young age and put through years of foster care, Along with his brother and step sister. So for a child to go through an obstacle that big is surely a challenge. but he remained focused and driven to succeed 💯.

He wrote his 1st song in 2018. it didn’t gain much attention but was more of a wake-up call after realizing his potential in music. Months later he would continue to drop singles on SoundCloud and receive great feedback from his peers. So Over the years jah has been going above and beyond to get his name out there! With a strong SoundCloud platform currently sitting at nearly 30k and 22.1k all time streams in just a year on Spotify, The sky is truly the limit! Artist like the late “xxxtentacion” inspires him to never stop doing what he truly loves. So With strong dedication towards his craft only time will tell whats next.

His unique flows and consistency stands out among the competitive music scene. I believe HE IS NEXT UP! His 1st studio single “save me” is on all streaming platforms along with his 1st music video titled “lion king” when asked “where do u see yourself 5 years from now” his response was “I’ll leave it in gods hands”

You can Check out his First music video ‘Lion King’