D21 - New Hip-Hop artist on the block!

D21 is a 24-year-old rapper from Seattle, Washington. In his own words, “I come from a culture that focuses on grunge music, kinda like punk.” It was during his senior year of high school that he realized that he wanted to build a career in music. He developed a strong desire to have an unshakeable work ethic and to push himself to become the best artist he could be for himself and the people in his life. 
The upcoming rapper believes that music has pushed him to step out of his comfort zone and blend in a new sound to his repertoire. He says that music has been a huge part of his life; it gets him in a great mood to work on other things in his life and inspires him to be great every single day. He says, “If it wasn’t for me making music, I would be living a homeless life on the streets trying to find my way. That’s how important being a Hip-Hop artist is in my life.” 
Even though he is yet to make his imprint in the Hip-Hop circle, he released his first song as a senior in high school and from there, has worked hard on himself. He says, “I haven’t had any major achievements yet regarding my music but I’m hoping to get serious recognition for my work within the next few years.” He believes that his work will speak for itself. His strong desire to be a game-changer in the music industry ensures that he keeps improving and getting better at his craft. He connects with a lot of people on social media to tell them that he is looking to grow his sound and overall brand as a way to improve his music. 
Kanye & Travis Scott are both his inspiration. They influence his sound; he admires their drive to be the best version of themselves. Apart from Kanye and Travis Scott, Drake and Future also inspire him as an artist. D21 likes how they approach their craft when it comes to creating music since it helps the rapper to get his creative juices flowing. Reflecting on the genre of his music, he says that it’s primarily Hip-Hop with a little flavor of R&B. He wants to be known not just as a Hip-Hop artist but also as an R&B artist. He blends different sounds and voices into his music to stand out from the crowd. 
Apart from being musically inclined, D21 is also keen on fashion. He thinks that it goes well with his music too since it’s common for Hip-Hop artists to dress up for events like the Grammys, and the BET Awards. 
Space Needle, his new single, is out on all music platforms. He is currently pitching it everywhere from blogs to YouTube uploads, to Spotify playlists. He let the numbers take care of themselves as he continues to put in the work and strive towards greatness. D21’s goal for the next year is to sign a record deal, go on tour, sell a lot of merch and hopefully, win a BET award.
Instagram -  d21_thegreat