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Article Writing

Article Writing

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700-900 words approx

Please answer the questions below and send us @

1.What’s your background?
2.How long has music been a part of your life?
3. what's your Genre and style of music?
4. If it wasn't for music, where would you be now?
5.How did you come to realise that music was the way forward for you?
6. what/who's your inspiration?
7.What does your work aim to say?
8. Who are your biggest influences?
9.How have you developed your career?
10. what's your achievements?
11. what do you do besides music?
12. How do you seek out opportunities
13. what are your goals in next 1 year?
14. how you are different from others?
15. tell us about your latest Release - song/album


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About Our Campaigns.


All authentic and Relevant Engagements through our Ads and networks marketing.

The campaign may take few hours to few days to get started in some cases since its all authentic and may take some time to set up the ads.


24x7 support on our Instagram page or through our mail.

What’s Included?

The campaign will cover all the aspects as mentioned in the description


Read our terms and service page regarding refunds and completion time.